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We provide information about stone materials and Indonesian materials.

I need some information about Indonesian stone materials and interior goods which planned be into my current design.

We provide materials and information for a fee (some are free of charge) to designers who want to know information on stone materials, interior goods, and Indonesian materials at the design stage. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly.

Need Samples 

Stone samples are basically provided free of charge, but please note that the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.We will deduct the shipping fee when you order the sample product you sent. Please keep the receipt.Samples of interior goods are provided for a fee.

Although it is a small amount, I would like to use Indonesian stone materials and interior goods for design.

Please contact us if you are a small store owner, a house builder,  if you wonder possible or not to order interior goods from overseas with a small amount. We will propose stone materials and materials, interior goods and furniture that match the design and design of your store. how to import small amount items, too.

I want to know which stone material suits my current design

Materials of personality and color at the stage of design, hardness, size and capable of finishing method, there are many that you have to consider many things, such as price.

We would like to provide you with as much detail as possible about Indonesian stone materials so that all the owners, designers and people involved in the construction will be satisfied.

For example, in a cold area where exposed to rain on the outside, stones that not absorb much water are suitable, and need to select the material suitable for terrace floors that do not drain well, etc., Cannot select simply by color and appearance. There are many things that you shouldn't judge. After ordering and constructing, it's too late. It will take time and cost to start over. Customers can rest assured if they check in advance.

Please feel free to contact us using the form below or email.

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